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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


That which is impermanent attracts compassion. That which is not provides wisdom. Stephen Levine


Let my heartbeat be 
as visible as your tattooed ink.
Let my exhaled truth be as 
evident as a stream of steam
billowing in the snowy cold.
Let my intent imprint your soul
while I am
whispering the warm words of love to your heart.
Let the depth of my truth know the nourishment of earth
as we stand under the moon near a tarnished urn of past.
Let the sun feed the  
sturdiness of our  roots as I tattoo you
onto the pulp of my life.
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  1. nice...great love poem...i like the elements of it...the intent imprint...the depth of truth know the nourishment of earth is my fav line...also the tattoo of them on the pulp of your life...very cool close...

  2. I LOVE love poems and yours is wonderful!! "Let my heart beat be as visible as your tattooed ink" Love it!!

  3. I especially like your opening and your close. ahh yes...permanent love...

  4. This is a wonderful love poem without being overly sentimental, Tracy.


  5. I enjoyed finding a love poem here. I needed the uplifting verse at this time. Beautiful.


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