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Monday, December 29, 2014


what is a moment

there are these moments
split, significant, surreal
crisp to the ethereal
moist to the earth
blended with the blood
revived inside of bones
weighty with a silent stone

there are these moments
found in clouds
or olive wood
or rising limitations
broken vinous
glass cutting or
being polished on
fate's warm beach
once walked upon
by four bare feet

there are these moments
that define
like red scars and black tattoos
burn flesh like yellow flames
deep past the skin
there are
words like metal daggers
snapping old branches
you listened to the rest
wind whipping and cracking
not me against you
and not again
your heart is your test

there are these moments
those words don't
note with blood or
strengthen bones
they are the moments
of pictures of portraits
left hanging in a home

there is this moment
when an infinite soul pauses
a reflection finds another hand
from a puddle of tears
left building and swirling
water's circles staring
back at us
uniting divinities
all knowing bursts
loves faith will translate
to the face
of a seasoned woman