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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


               “Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.”  Allen Ginsberg

Super Moon

The moon's memory fills the absence of you by day.
I am fluid by the reflected light of you by night.
I need to know we are both under a
super moon somewhere tonight.

Without the wisdom of your wholeness
to satiate my eyes, texture and taste of salt,
strength and shade on skin,
the day comes to my soul and
I walk blind until the next time
your full moon enlightens my vision
bequeathing  me with your inner beauty.

I wander in the new dark until
I am illuminated by your vision of white.
Your brilliance is the elixir of my truth
flowing through the veins of my life.

I bend and stare at white electric luminosity
filling the black of my hundred eyes, and 
again I feel your compulsory pull. I am
awed with a singular ravishing of love in
a world where I once stood eminently alone.
more poetry on dverse --ravished is my word... 
thank you Bjorn


  1. first 2 lines...stellar, they def hook the reader....your brilliance is the elixir of my truth...another great line...a singular ravishing of love write...

  2. Beautiful... we are never alone. The (moon)light shines within.

  3. I like how you underline the influence of the moon on us. And I love the word ravished.

  4. I like "texture and the taste of salt" - evocative and intimate ~ M

  5. filling the black of my hundred eyes...i like...some cool images in this...and ha...smiles on the quote as well...

  6. This is awesome.. I loved every part of this poem, and the end in particular with luminosity filling the blackness of the hundred eyes... flawless.

  7. Beautiful work. The sense of wonder is palpable.


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