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Monday, June 17, 2013


              The ideas of male and female are universal constants. Captain Kirk

J’naii or Blue

I want to feel soft inside
the body I live in, pink.
I want to know I have peace
and fluidity
where I am fragile,
forgiveness not blame,
whole not a shell in
my house of conformity.

It’s like you're not even real,
an alien, a machine, a man, a woman—
a person.
People stare at you, and
they don't even realize
they're staring at your exterior--
their mindless judgment excludes.
They don’t care about your
gender assigned at birth, only
assumed recognition assigned
at a passing look.
But you take it all in, the
projected energy undermining
your  given out-caste temple.
You take the whole universe in,
along with
the ricketiest of its conformed members.

Yes, she still encounters
the whispers and stares,
as normal as a passing blue moon--
people just look and smile at
a human that was once a him.
dverse  poetry


  1. Father sky, mother earth... gender is everywhere... we are taught to think in gender norms. I enjoyed your poem, and you bring up a difficult subject that needs to be talked about...

  2. interesting...what people see versus who they know...its easy to see the outside...much messier to look within....and a controversial topic, but you handle it well...just open the conversation and let it go from there...

  3. Tracy, i agree, you handle this subject with gentleness, and it deserves just that. We should never judge others for their exterior, because we do not know how they feel.


  4. We as humans need to see what is beneath the there is beauty that is where the soul resides.

  5. A sensitive topic to write about ~ Indeed no one knows what we are really like inside, aside from the gender assigned at birth ~

  6. A good conversation here and important. Some don't choose to look further than what they see with the eye.

  7. that was really cool...we tend to look just with our eyes but as the little prince said we only see good with our heart... and we def. need the conversation


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