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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Faith Qua Fear

In dreams, in night, in present or future dark edges
fear's invisible black eyes hold me proxy to each day.
I habitually walk on creaking hardwood checking
on the rhythmical breathing of my children sleeping.

     One uncontrolled,
in-between and unexamined,
untold specific branch
ransacks the dark aloof molecules
running rampant reverently
around the wee hours
of the still moving shadows—
fear's ticking
hands and red licking fire,
         water and screaming,
                death's door thuds.

What does a human hold valuable?  Empty restaurant tables? Permanence?
The status or the shrieking? The impecunious sphinx that is still rising?
Shades of sheltered pink emanate from behind fertile leaves, each burst of
sunlight wakes me to the morning that replaced my fears with a brave me.

Check out dverse poetry-- The morning I woke without fear.

Friday, May 9, 2014


Kicking a Pebble Pell-mell

we all have our damages--
rusty fences
shingles missing
cracked windows
a few weeds growing
or wild honey blooming--
let uncertainty
in the end,
the end of day, fall
asleep with the dark as
abandoned ravished lovers
and wake to the
the sun
holding the hand
of our eternal mother.