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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day

Oh Moon, sweet, sweet Moon, I want to be naked on you. I want to be like a flower growing on your surface, unique and mysterious, at home in the wonder of you, as if my naked body would be something growing out of your soil, something precious, a lovely gift on your landscape.  James Lusarde

4 Days in Paris

The veil is dissolved
as her mystery
is revealed,
my muse, my lover.
I am lost inside
your hushed words,
this yearning, my muse,
this yearning, my lover.

This, I yearn for more–
and more,
my lovely tempest,
my moonlit goddess,
that which has been
given back with the
serenity of your silence,
a loneliness lost
to the distant past.

In the still voice of
my lover's wisdom,
my lips are still tender.
I see more of how
she lives in the shadow
of my stillness.
In the stillness
of my sight,

in the release of
my breath, I seek
to understand you,
your finger tip
is not enough
of a journey to
fulfill me.
I have prepared
myself all these
years for four
found days in Paris.

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