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Friday, June 22, 2012


All Quiet Desire is inspired by the icon Misia. She lived in Paris in the 30's and was a patron of the arts, matchmaker, taste-maker, collector, muse. Misia Sert, née Godebska, Queen of Paris, was the most sought after face of her time.

All Quiet Desire

Paris was truly the brash, beating heart of the art world--
through heady eras—and across timeless disciplines;
a found masterpiece saved from anonymity--
a fierce enigmatic woman left behind--
a coveted affair with charisma and beauty,
each turning avenue owning a breath of her life.

And in every light—her black-eyed charm danced
at the piano, on the porch,
having breakfast of croissant and black coffee.
A keen ear for avant-garde talent, and
her magnetic allure moved others
to create near her, or for her, or about her.
Her sweet and shy lover fell hardest;
now a mourner brooding in a corner,
the need to be artist gone absurd.

She wanted the moon to find a painted face to
leave shadows in time’s memories. She needed
endless hours in the middle of the night to create.
She wanted her grave to be filled with weeping roses,
to let allusion to be one of the weepers.
Obsession weighs more than her flesh and bones.
A hot criminal of illustrious intentions,
each resurrection sordid, a thrashing end, all
became a trove of material picked over by the needy.
Postcard-size letters, scraps of time, disregarded
crumbs of hope, little bits of a human’s soul
in a tender ode to an all quiet desire.
TJKG 6-20-2012

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