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Thursday, November 17, 2011


“I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. (Song of Solomon 6:3a)”

Beloved, Anchor Yourself

I know no other way than the way I am.
I know no other way than to hold the tenderness
of my memory to my heart and read
my letters of forgiveness and compassion to my soul--

I know no other way than to be clean with
my pen and my paper as I write to you.
I write not just about myself for I am undone by you,
I write to never forget you, my dearest beloved,
I write to heal the heart of your troubles,
I write to accept the path of your choosing,
I write to love your spirit’s faithfulness,
I write to you.

Hold the the broken part of my fractured bones,
heal the shivering parts of my quivering emotions,
accept the twisting parts of my puzzling past,
love the true nature of my slanting step.

I know no other way than to find the truth as
I stumble around in the dark of my temple,
searching towards the adorned light of my future.
I ask for the guidance of my life’s experience
to hold my hand in the presence of my beloved.

I know no other way then to touch the inner
most place of your being
to find the meaning in mine,
to breathe the air from your lungs into mine,
to find the happiness on your face mirroring mine,
to know your heartbeat pulses within mine,
together we will be loved as the word is written.

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