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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The World Stood Still

A thought without shape is rare;
a flower in spring that might not bear
petals and scent to attract a need,
and rarer still is the shape
of something as delicate as a face.
Your face
flooding north, east, south, and west
to the nature of a
body which holds tenderly a smile.
A three dimensional ephemeral moment
found and lost in the distance of oceans
and bonded to
the frozen clock of time,
fading to the flat line of your impearled heart.

And today, I wake and find my fate
to be mixed into your universe. We  
ascend into the blue sky of yesterday
and today and tomorrows.
It is said we say farewell and hello
to no obligations of the parting and the meeting.
I did not see you coming, as I did not
foretell the cloudy past to end with a sun beam
blooming this morning. Yet,
each face, your face, is beautifully enlightened and
walks the continued extending path all
while the world stood still to embrace another union.  
Alive is the beginning,
as we dance to the end of another
flat line,
burning and churning into  
life’s parting hour glass of time.


  1. Your poem is lovely, Tracy, and a nice way to start my day.

    1. thank you, you put a warm smile in my heart.

  2. I am confused, as I don't see a "treasure" in this poem that you posted at dVerse Poetics for my "Treasure" prompt. Nor is it linked back to Poetics.

    1. I apologize for the miscommunication,Mary. I will surely read the new rules carefully. Thank you.

  3. A three dimensional ephemeral movement in this....and some nice imagery as well...i like the hourglass/line (which i took as life line) the no obligations part as well speaks of freedom....

    1. its been a while, so i imagine you did not realize our schedule changed....

    2. What did i miss and i apologize if I did...

  4. ...did not foresee the cloudy past to end with a sunbeam...beau soleil.
    i love this piece.
    beautiful picture too.
    i love the imagery in found and lost in the distance of oceans and in impearled heart...


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