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Friday, May 4, 2012


"Do I still enter the avenue of your yesterday... Where we kissed in boulevard of broken dreams...Do you still call my name silently in the corners of your mind...Can you still paint my face in the crossroads of today?... in spite the long and winding road to are to me beyond all my heart can are silently beyond forgetting." H. Ramos

May Day

Under the many moons of Mars,
I keep slipping back in time, searching for
that moment where I knew nothing
other than you.

If I would have known
our ruddy world
was written as a
burning love sonnet
by some famous poet—
for you to win the honor
of a heroine—

I would have graced more
of our memories;
I would have repeated your
tender words,
illuminated the silk of
your hair captured in
my constellation,
sculpted in marble
the curl of your shoulder,
the music of your laughter.
I would have scored you to my soul,
the dusk of your touch
into the rhythm of my step.

I would have
kept Mars alive, an unveiling
captured in a telepathic locket,
our globe elevated
over our
hearts, our green
love story whispered
across one night’s sky, as
our universe is lost to a
falling star.

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