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Thursday, March 17, 2011


It is through the connections of life a poet can put words down in ink. It is through these subtle puzzles of unraveling mysteries that we find inspiration and creativity. It is crashing these two worlds together and painting a picture with their images, hence poetry.

In vino veritas [In wine is truth].
Proverb quoted by PLATO,

Ode to the Poet

I spiral down into your porous cork,
releasing your breath--rich
air oxidizing your mouth.

Fingering fine crystal, I lure
you to my lips;
in silence I admire

your soul--the inside of
a forgotten sunset.
Your smell--a mixture of an era.

Your blood—a burning sovereignty
soothing my throat, a tingling
deluge eclipsing my breath.

You commingle your
garnet phenomenon with
my pounding red heart.

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  1. if in wine is truth...than you are the bringer of truth oh poet.


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