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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Glass of Time with You

   Not long ago, I was in Paris and ventured into Musee d'Orsay, a converted railroad station, housing art from the early 1900's. The museum rests on the left bank facing the Seine river. I was drawn to the GIANT CLOCK on the top floor. I will have to estimate its size, 25 feet high! And to my surprise, and my photographic ability, you could see out from the backside of the clock. I could see behind time and realized this:
What we do today affects the future of our lives. Do well each day, in kindness and compassion, as time flows by.

A Glass of Time with You

sitting with you,
watching you and slowly truth is
showing you how to reveal your histories.
Blue temptation dances around your heart,
like mysteries opening as forgotten flowers,
and bloom into uncomplicated fields of ripened earth.

sitting with you,
the day heard simplicities defining wisdom,
the passion that envelopes reason,
the red wine burning down expected walls,
the sun glistening through many of our lifetimes,
a pair of white swans swim against a current
swaying between green leaves turning burnt sienna.

sitting with you,
inviting you to open the darkness of hidden questions-
time seems to teach how to master only itself- you
slowly expose each secret petal as the bee intuitively
is drawn to the nectar, taking with it the yellow pollen.
A testament to the constant flow of nature’s sanity,
tying us to the memories of our sweetened moment,
all understood in the hush of one day.

sitting with you,
you left a rippling presence today.

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