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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do You Believe What You See...

On an inspirational day of writing, my friend said to me... Write with the clarity of your vision. Write how you see the world through your eyes. So, I decided to take a picture of my face, which ended up with only one eye in the shot. I thought, is this how I see the world? Do I only see half of life? Truly, with two eyes open, this is what I wrote.

Do You Believe What You See

My eyes embrace the innocence in a baby’s foot
and the splendor in the unfolding of the American flag.

I kiss a child’s knee, scraped by concrete, where
red blood flows, and again, gains the depth

of a teary smile, all mounted on my touch. I saw you
look into blue eyes, no words dare change that excitement.

I see the lies from a teenager’s mouth. Snow storms,
saving lives, loss and sorrow, laughter and building a home .

I witnessed a shattered man with no shoes, a mother,
a woman beaten down. Did I see it? No, I saw it.

I see the majestic sun rise, hues of orange and rose, rain,
green, night, and hope-- all an exploding blue sea on earth.

Was it a yellow bumble bee or was it black? Or white?
Or was it a wasp? Will love be strong enough to change that?

Was it underage drinking? Butterfly wings fluttering?
Perjury? Stealing? Or a drug deal in the make?

Can we trust what we see? Seeds planted far away
in our dreams? A window of plans? An open door into life?

Do you have them?
Can you remember them?
Can you tell me?

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