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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Within a Life

Flesh trapped in  
(we try to kiss)
the reality of
one past life
built a kingdom
in the form of a mask,
painted over the tenderness
of pink flesh
a masquerade to lie behind.
Feet stuck in the ground
pillars of stubborn stone
erects a statue into
a false forged trust
molding artistically
elemental scavengers
who use innocent skin 
to form a bust.
Unmoved from the
rambling voice
love and such
things like the truth,
faith in mine
high and low pitch
chips and blows
thick shells from
the inside out
tears of stone
raining lava bombs
makes me cry
waters the earth
sand and snow
age adds wings
to life of worth

A face looking
through a facade from
the same eyes of the black
A voice on repeat
cracks the mulish,
files down the rumors,
scares away the dust
changes the chemicals
down to one alabaster
of another time
or one's own made up mind. 


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