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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Capillary Loops 

I feel a granulated scar 
pushed deep in the purple dark
where no compassionate face will see
the contained ripples
of pink tissue holding 
the splattered blood of shame,
the claw of hurt that
plowed down an innocent heart
in the forename of experience.

I see a smile on 
the unfathomable wound
of a ageless face,
the mirror of waters surface
concealing another time of war
mixed into a web of choices,
bones can be broken
by a mind full of salted words.

I watch fingers fondle silver
charms hanging tight
on one linked chain
the chest they sway faint upon
practiced day after day. 

I know discipline locks in the ache,
closed rib cage restricts
secrets that mix hurt 
into what can be seen
in the breaking containment of  
the expanding blue ocean
not with held from
no more or no less pain.


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