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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Faith Qua Fear

In dreams, in night, in present or future dark edges
fear's invisible black eyes hold me proxy to each day.
I habitually walk on creaking hardwood checking
on the rhythmical breathing of my children sleeping.

     One uncontrolled,
in-between and unexamined,
untold specific branch
ransacks the dark aloof molecules
running rampant reverently
around the wee hours
of the still moving shadows—
fear's ticking
hands and red licking fire,
         water and screaming,
                death's door thuds.

What does a human hold valuable?  Empty restaurant tables? Permanence?
The status or the shrieking? The impecunious sphinx that is still rising?
Shades of sheltered pink emanate from behind fertile leaves, each burst of
sunlight wakes me to the morning that replaced my fears with a brave me.

Check out dverse poetry-- The morning I woke without fear.


  1. nice...i really like when you turn to rather questioning prose there in the end...and nice energy through this...that last bit on the slamming deaths door got my heart pumping a bit..and love the rebirth feel there in the end.

  2. Nice structure and feel to this - perfect echo of a nightmare. Starts off with a general feeling of unease, a fear well-known to parents everywhere. Then it gets darker, more specific, out of control... and then the shades of sheltered pink re-emerge and all is well with the world once more.

  3. I remember waking up to make sure my babies were still breathing, too.

  4. that is a very moving write - and i'm glad you conquered the fear there in the close... i also like the questions you ask yourself there in the last stanza

  5. After a night full of fear.. what is better than wake to that pink sunshine ... proving that after nightmares and woes, the morning has broken..

  6. I love it! The ending is great.

  7. Very well penned. I especially liked the ending prose piece. Wonderful question/metaphors. >KB

  8. Ah yes, the morning after the sweat-chilled night. Always a blessing. Great stuff!

  9. I like the positive spin in the end, to wake up in sunlight replacing the fears ~

    Thanks for the lovely share ~

  10. Your words bring power to the eyes of the past, present, and future.

    I love your imagination. :)

  11. The contrasts in what we hold valuable are striking: permanence vs. an empty table in a restaurant? And the first part builds up tension so well.

  12. Deeply ingrained with fears for the children, heightened by the innate fear that night brings. Quite moving.

  13. very nice write

  14. "checking / on the rhythmical breathing of my children sleeping" and the last two lines appeal to me most...and i love the use of the word 'burst' at the end...

  15. i like the way you abruptly changed the direction from darkness and seemingly the bright of light as hope as such...

    i was starting to get the foreshadowing feeling of a tragic event...

    But daylight arises as savior..

    once again..of light...:)

  16. Very cool. What do we value so much that it wakes us in fear that it may be gone? I still check my sweeties to make sure they are safe in their sleep. Really nice response to the prompt.

  17. a roller coaster through the dark night into welcoming sunrise. Well put.

  18. Agree with Brian - a rich piece of writing here that looks below the surface very effectively and like you switch at the end - it is very effective. Very interesting to read - Thank you With Best Wishes Scott

  19. I can really relate to checking on the children's breathing! Very cool write.

  20. May the pink emanate from the open unobstructed sky and illuminate that beautiful bravery. I love this piece.


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