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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


kaleidoscope eyes

at this time, you are mine.

rhythmical birth of past loneliness fade as fins
from waters surface
and the silver frailty of my body's hope surges
through the veins of her fingers.

the salty water sprays like breaths from her mossy lungs,
sine waves of two souls, legs turned strong from sun. 

my piccolo window opens and
dances in upward white whispers, clapboard walls washed
as the rain sands down the inside of my many rooms.


no one sprees chills
within the bones of my pome
as you--
you warm the frigid air,
your touch soothes vacant phantoms, and your torch finds
fire's night with the glow of your earthy knowing.

my church tides clutch my inner secluded habit
and I transpose to know the inside
of my bare horizon.

how do I do it, how do I stay true, to you, to me?
six days alone, five seeds grow, where are you-- seven
merging moons circle the nights yet born. I weep.

the way you say, shhh, and kiss my eyelids so I can sleep and
delve into your infused spiraling depth.

I dream gentleness coming from your kaleidoscope eyes,
beauty from your knowing lips, softening in your tender approach--
and there woman,
I have found you in the dark of the sea, and in the light of the moon.

1 comment:

  1. the very direct way you open....some really cool lines,

    my piccolo window opens and
    dances in upward white whispers


    no sprees chills through the bones of my pome like you....

    kaleidiscope eyes is a cool descript as well....


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