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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Some things can be perfectly expressed by sound alone and images would only be disturbing. Other times, sound would be possible, but visuals are much stronger and closer to what I want to express and then again, they sometimes overlap perfectly. Alva Noto

The beginning and ending—happening at the same moment.

Awakenings transpose your blooming spirit.
Pain spun into pleasure.  A humble web encasing
every molecule of my being, each mile behind you,
each square matrix in front of me,
taking fear and mixing it into a helix of love.

Softly, a thin layer on your skin, a unique perfume
coding your base from the translation of them. It
is there, a reinterpretation of subtle scent—I long for it.
An overlap, a grid on occupied space, a coincidence of
unoccupied elements soothing common crossroads of fate.  

Something happens when you atone a moment
in the crystalline margin of a warm back, footprints in passage,
a rumbling in the chest, face to face, an overlap of tenderness;
the shadow from a mountain caused by the sun, tears falling,
each glistening a gold-laced shadow of love.

In the surrounding quiet, remaining air bonds,
arms overlap hips, touch overlaps flesh,
spine releases chills, raindrops fall as dew,
slowly over the landscape of your revolving body—
riveting, transfixing, mysterious, and overlapping.

The former presence of something that no longer exists; I am
an overlay of a shadow on the grace of your face, a smile.
The billow of a horn singing north and the wind howling south;
a finger balances the entirety of your universe, your earth,
soft orbital circling your navel—the center creation of love.
 Open mic at dverse


  1. wow...what a cacophony of imagery...layer on layer...well woven and makes its own point in the structure turning back in on itself through out...the last stanza is my fav...the shadow on the face...the horn, the navel center of the universe...

    1. Brian, I do not know how you respond to all the poetry; i am grateful....Thank you for your honest answers and you heart felt feelings...Tracy

  2. this was great from start to finish..

  3. Beautifully sensuous but restrained which makes it all the more passionate."Riveting transfixing mysterious and overlapping." You poem is all of that.

  4. an intense visual onslaught. the last stanza breathtakingly beautiful.

  5. ah, the sea of qi, the place where we connect to our mothers: the navel (or just below it). I like the DNA imagery (helix, base, translation and coding). I would love to see you wrap a poem around just those images. It seems you like to explore two beings intertwined, and you might have fun with it. Thanks.

  6. arms overlap hips, touch overlaps flesh,
    spine releases chills, raindrops fall as dew,
    slowly over the landscape of your revolving all the images...the overlapping...the making us feel it..


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