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Monday, January 14, 2013


Awe Encompassing

My mango sunrise,
a mantra of warmth
leaves striations of
wisdom through the
window of my heart.

Your divinity fades into
the past calamity,
waxing with the sun.
My knees find
the scrape of concrete,
my breath-- the need to breathe.
My heart, the force of light,
lost to the depth of the ocean,
my faith is the now waning as
the questions fall over me.

Embracing the fallen mortar,
mending  the mortal cracks--
my humble prayers
my hands to form a finger sail--
a steeple upon my chest.

pulsing with
oracles wind, acumen
parts the sternum of my breath,
ribs traverse my erect posture,   
binding the cross of my path.
I am blessed by you;
I give you my happiness,
for I am the endless one
enlightening the
morning’s humbleness.

My wings have taken new flight,
mothering the feathers
of transformation,
inspired sublimity and awe
find the shores of faith,
and land of divinity.
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  1. This is so wonderful and poetically descriptive. Some poets are descriptive for their ego's sake, but all the work here is in service of advancing the idea. I loved the way you described a steeple upon your chest. Perfect. I loved this. - Mosk

  2. smiles...this is beautiful...and a spiritual journey into that awe as the sail of fingers on the grounds it a bit for me in a good way....

  3. Spiritual and beautiful. I enjoyed this, Tracy .

  4. I very much enjoyed your journey of faith in this poem. Love the last stanza, which gives me a feeling of peacefulness.

  5. Poetically, I think "My knees find the scrape of concrete" is the best image, followed by "mantra of warmth leaves striations" and "mothering the feathers of transformation." As you well know, I don't always put much faith in faith... to each her own.

  6. Tracy, opening to ending this is a gorgeous imaged filled write.


  7. You brought me back to the beach in Mexico and to one person in particular. Thank you for the journey.
    Mark Butkus

  8. Ebb, then flow, your piece, its message, the spirit moves.

    It is soft, evokes wonder. I read it three times and took something new from it with each reading.

    It is early when I write this so the spirit of it will be with me the entire day.



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