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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Medieval Code of Faithfulness

A black and white of Earhart,
(hung above pearled porcelain tiles)
her stoic eyes read a fate in the sky,
a fate written on equalities’ hidden water;
no exceptions for the life of the woman.

Before morning has started,
stored on flash memory,
I fade into a hallow hallway—
silently moving along time,
finding myself a part of the dark chamber,
displaced out of their family pictures—
Mother and Father--
still faces hold history,
own dignity of choice,
posed hands passing secrets,
souls unknown to my mind.

Breath strapped in my step as my
eyes shutter the light of
the open bathroom door.
                                       Amelia’s fate
is understood; 
a rounded woman sits in my frame.
Her legs spread,
white paper magnified,
black curls fallen, and


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