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Saturday, August 18, 2012


  You, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and  respect.  Buddha

I Laugh Knowing I Am Approaching 50

She looks like a woman I never met.
Her wiry hair forms phone-cord curls,
energized words fall like afghans
over pale shoulders seemingly
wrapped around a skim milk 
woman who fades away from her.
Coffee and bangles, a ladies’
mirage, a freckled smile
accompanies an over-produced world.
She clears, and I hear her say confidently,
“I laugh knowing
I would never do that.”

She would never do what?
              I ask myself and sip my cappuccino--
She would never say no to inconvenience
when she knows no means no.
Never say I am beautiful in a mortal world.
Never do what a man does, knowing she can--
as she constantly banters inequalities’ tired face.
Never find fury in the homeless heart,
as she feeds a pop-tart to her own off-spring.
Never find resolve in a voice worth hearing,
a voice screaming vulgarity in frozen hell.
Never realize you are worth more than the money
or the silent murderers who roam in the public eye.

I weep knowing I would never do that.

We met in the day the way
siblings pass in the hallway.
A sea-shell night-light glows,
the bathroom door closes,
and like lovers lost
in the journey of time.
A quiet rehearse,
a tender  questioning,
a reproach of togetherness,
two strangers focus on daily coffee.
And a phone rings, unearthly sounds
tares our café bubble.  
We stoically breathe, hoping
we will never laugh at our freedom.

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