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Friday, December 9, 2011


I feel it all I feel it all
The wings are wide the wings are wide
Wild card inside wild card inside - Feist

Hanging with my girlfriends for the weekend rejuvenated my world... To my dear friends and to every woman, I dedicate this poem.

In a Weekend We Feel It All

Before we get where we are going,
lets figure out where we are. (Unknown)
We are living within integral presence at all times
interwoven in the innate fabric of our trilogy’s trust. (Known)

Reborn into two days of moments with
active integrity we laughed and
loved, and flew with wide wings and
serendipitously sought reason, each holding
a calm voice of hope, and
a healing whisper of wisdom,
a circle of spiritual reason; each
quietly send their intention
to the wind,
and return inside
the witch’s tree house where
we unveil with wine,
we dance with abandon,
we feast with meaning,
we sing with freedom,
we lead each other
to the balance of the universe
to BE ever present and not fear the intimacy
of sharing the depth of one’s heart, and once again,
we depart knowing each woman has a place to call her own.

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