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Monday, February 21, 2011


There is something HOT about heat when it is 7 degrees outside and snowing, and I am warm inside. Recently I have been fascinated by the power of the sun and the comforts of warmth and the sheer power of heat. Heat lives in cycles, in races, in love, in fire, in explosives, and in the invisible power of the hot transferring into the cold body. Heat spontaneously gives pleasure, power and warning until all is equal.
Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from the Eternal. Dante.

Heat Shivers in Equilibrium

Heat breaks boundaries, thermodynamics,
latent and sensible forms taken for granted.
Fire, water, love, a momentary hot spell

breaking through polished sand, heating inside,
exploding outside, blushing pink flesh. Heat
fused between bodies burrowed under bed sheets,

passion heats within a kiss, the hot iron of a
skillet, heat from the sun transferring and flowing,
heat inside your mind craving droplets of living.

Your heart beats inside heat, 98.6, homeostasis.
Strong fingers rub heat into bones, blood moving
and turning her beauty into soft bodies of liquid

and lost within another thought, she becomes solid.
She opens her ceiling of another universe, seeking
the zenith, she transports into other heated forms.

Yellow heat lives inside eyes closed, it is hot.
A U of beach chairs in the middle of a living room,
the fervor of spinning molecules repels sleep, leaving

a room full of bodies in heat. Outside in the cold, silver
branches wait for spring and a black crow with oiled
feathers is perched motionless in the gray of the sky.

Heat escapes as blowing steam from nostrils;
a female red fox mainlines across fields of snow.
Hot blooded muscles frame fur-covered mass.

The heat of red wine settles down throats, raw heated
conversations, a fireplace consumes and returns warmth,
trees are flattered by the continuation of the seasons.

In nature, outside our bodies--inside our hearts,
Mother nature is a driving force on earth,
a spontaneous disambiguation of the final heat.


  1. I'll go ahead and keep transporting myself into other heated forms...gladly.

  2. It's all that warm wine we drank...


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